Sanitizable Mini Keyboard with Clean Function USB

MedicalKey™ AK-C4100F-UV
Spray & wipe sanitizable keyboards with silicone key membrane for heavy duty type writing applications. Minimum footprint. Selection of US and German key layouts. With USB connection, in black or white/light grey available.

Main product functions:
Ergonomic keyboard for true touch typists with silicone key membrane, low force key actuation and precise key guidance, sanitizable hygiene keyboard, small dimensions

Special customer benefits:
Dirt & splash water resistance, no ingress of debris. Easy to clean and disinfect (Spray & Wipe). No germ proliferation by submersion cleaning. Recommended for use in hygiene critical office and administration applications. Minimum footprint for least space requirement.

Markets & Applications:
Production Automation, Tool & Plant Construction, IT-Systems, Point of Service, Mobile Applications, Medical, Office.


  • Dirt & Splash Water Resistant
  • Silicon Key Membrane, optionally with:
    • Fixed Membrane for Spray/Wipe Disinfection
    • Replaceable Membrane for Steam Sterilization
  • Low force tactile feel for true touch typists
  • Article-No.: AK-C4100