Compact sanitizable wireless keyboard with touchpad in front

Important Features & Benefits

The AK-4450-GFUV is a high quality, reliable medical keyboard with integrated touchpad, particularly designed for the use in hospitals. The key field is covered by a solid silicon membrane with ergonomic styling (S version is sealed). Main benefits are:
  • 2.4 GHz RF transmission
  • Maximum tactile feel for true touch typists
  • No hollow spaces for dirt and bacteria to accumulate
  • Thorough surface disinfection by spray/wipe sanitizing
  • Easy cleaning process with fast drying time
  • Suitable for most common hospital disinfectant solutions
  • Personnel safety: No risk of germ proliferation by submersion cleaning
    • No re-contamination of open surfaces by polluted cleaning fluids flowing off the keyboard
    • No risk of germ transmission by excess fluids leaking or dripping off the product
    • No hollow spaces for polluted cleaning fluids to form a nutrient solution and grow bacteria


  • Hospitals, Healthcare Providers
  • Industrial Applications
  • Data Input in Wet Areas


  • Ideal for Spray/Wipe Sanitizing
  • Silicon Key Membrane
  • Integrated Touchpad
  • Dirt and Water Proofed
  • 2.4 GHz wireless transmission
  • available "S"-version with IP68
  • Model No.: AK-4450-GFUV / AK-4450-GFUVS