Wireless keyboard with Touchpad ideal for hygiene and medical

Features & Benefits

The AK-C4400 is a high quality, high performance and reliable hygiene keyboard with integrated touchpad. The purification and disinfection capacity makes it a perfect fit in hospitals and at hospitals, practitioners and microbiological laboratories. The silicone key membrane protects keyboard, key field and touchpad against ingress of dirt and fluids. The AK-C4400 impresses with congenial key actuation and precise key guidance. The AK-C4400 with RF transmission is the perfect input system in hygiene critical environments without mouse or cable. The AK-C4400 increases protection against infection and limits risk and liability of the health care provider
  • Thorough wipe disinfection of key field and keyboard reduces bio burden in the hospital
  • Silicone key membrane with low key profile and contained, seamless surface offers effective protection against cross contamination, proliferation of microbes and formation of biofilms
    • No vector for nosocomial pathogens by building an effective germ barrier at the workplace
    • No microbial growth on debris and residues from disinfectants in hollow spaces
    • No spread of germs and surface recontamination by leakage of polluted cleaning suds
  • CleanFunction allows to switch off the keys while cleaning (“Fn”+”Clean on/off”)
  • Fully sealed touchpad, with integrated mouse buttons
  • Approved for clinical wipe disinfection according to VAH-List (Germany)


  • Hospitals, Healthcare Providers
  • Industrial Applications, Food Industry
  • Data Input in Wet or Dark Areas


  • L/B/H ca. 374 x 139 x 25 mm


  • Hygiene PC-Keyboard for Clinical Wipe Disinfection
  • 2.4GHz RF Transmission with USB Nano-Dongle
  • 360° Safeguard against Dirt and Splash Water
  • Easy Key Actuation for Perfect Typing
  • Flat Keys for Safe Routine Disinfection
  • Protection Class IP68 as Option
  • Article No.: AK-C4400F-GFUS
Wireless keyboard with Touchpad ideal for hygiene and medical