Wireless Sanitizable PC Keyboard for Cleaning and Hygiene, IP68

Important Features & Benefits

The AK-C8100 is a high quality, reliable PC keyboard. The purification and disinfection capacity makes it a perfect fit in hospitals and at practitioners, as well as office, administration and industrial environments. The silicon membrane protects the key field against ingress of dirt and fluids. The AK-C8100 impresses with low force key actuation and precise key guidance. With its 105 key standard keyboard layout, the AK-C8100 is highly recommendable for heavy duty type writing in hygiene critical operations.
The AK-C8100 provides the following benefits for cleaning and disinfection:
  • Thorough surface disinfection of the key field by spray/wipe sanitizing of the seamless, low profile silicone key membrane without corners and edges.
  • Surface disinfection instead of invasive submersion cleaning:
    • No inner or outer re-contamination by polluted suds
    • No risk of germ proliferation and transmission by fluids leaking or dripping off the keyboard
    • No contact with contaminated openings (no touch contact)
  • CleanFunction allows to disable the key field while cleaning (“Fn”+”Clean on/off”)
  • Suitable for a multitude of hospital disinfectants and cleaning agents
  • Protection Class IP68 by full sealing of the key membrane with the keyboard housing


  • Hospitals, Healthcare Providers
  • Industrial Applications, Food Industry
  • Data Input in Wet or Dark Areas


  • Approx. 449 x 142 x 26 mm
  • PC-Keyboard with 105 Key Standard Layout
  • 360° Safeguard against Dirt and Splash Water
  • Silicone Key Membrane for Utmost Hygiene
  • Flat Keys for Thorough Surface Disinfection
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Article-No.: AK-C8100
Wireless Sanitizable PC Keyboard RF IP68