As from the 11 May 2021, Active Key GmbH & Co.KG is part of the CHERRY AG and operates under the name Active Key GmbH.

CHERRY, with its head quarters in Auerbach in der Oberpfalz, is the worldwide leading manufacturer of first class mechanical key switches for the  PC gaming keyboard market. Moreover, CHERRY gained world leadership in input devices focussing on the gaming, office, industry, security and healthcare markets. With about 500 employees CHERRY has production facilites and subsidairies in Germany, France, Great Britain, China, Austria and USA. Founded in 1953, CHERRY is a synonym for products of„German“ quality especially designed and developed for the customers requirements.

The acquisition of Active Key creates added value for both companies. The combination of CHERRY and Active Key offers chances for joint growth. For future products, CHERRY benefits from Active Keys technical development and know-how whilst Active Key takes advantage of CHERRYs decade-long experience in channeling and quality.

The product range of Active Key and CHERRY consists of complementary products. On the basis of the takeover both companies obtain strength and flexibility to concentrate on specific markets, trends as well as precise investments in technology development.