About us

Active Key is a leading manufacturer for hygiene and industrial keyboards and mice for professional data input. Utmost comfort in writing, precise key actuation and perfect haptics are our main focus.

To fulfil all requirements, we offer models in different sizes and versions. Our product range reaches from mini, compact and Desktop keyboards either wireless or wired, protected and unprotected with backlit or non-backlit, with and without touchpads or trackballs. Moreover there are programmable keyboards, stand alone chip card or magnetic Card Readers but also Keyboards with integrated magnetic or chip card readers. All Active Key products are made for the use in medical and hygienic environments but also for industrial, POS/Banking and office applications.

Nevertheless if none of our products meets your expectations, we are glad to customize it to your exact requirements.



Active Key GmbH & Co.KG was founded by Mr Gerhard & Ms Heidi Hahn. Industrial keyboards were the main focus at that time.


Acquisition of several OEM-Customers throughout Germany and Europe.


The company survived the financial crisis and comes out stronger than before.


Active Key became supplier of the automotive industries.


Active Key expands its product strategy with manufacturing and marketing of protected keyboards for medical applications and other hygiene critical areas.


Start of the internationalisation. Systematic installation of distribution network throughout Europe.


Due to continuing growth, the former company building gets to small. The company acquires a new building and moves house in summer 2017.


The number of employees increased to 25. Hygiene keyboards and mice became the strongest business line. Many well-known companies now build the customer base. In addition to the engineering and automotive sector, trading, banks and service companies as well as the healthcare sector with numerous university hospitals, hospitals and dentists became customers of Active Key.