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Active Key is specialized in Trackball, Touchpad, Wireless, Backlit, Magnetic Card, Smart Card, and POS Keyboards. Stand alone devices and keyboard accessories complete our product range and help our customers to find the right solution for their input requirements.
If you can’t find the right product for your requirements in our product range, we still can make you a custom product which fits exactly your needs.

Special features of our IndustrialKey™ industrial keyboards

Trackball Tastaturen, Touchpad Tastaturen

The modern and space saving design makes IndustrialKey™ keyboards from Active Key to the ideal solution for 19" rack mount installations. With the integrated touchpad or trackball the mouse is no longer needed and helps to save additional space. Our industrial keyboards are not only compact they are also reliable.

Pressrelease: MedicalKey™ sanitizable hospital keyboards

Medizinsche Krankenhaus Tastaturen, Desinfizierbar Hygienisch

The topic is everywhere: Nosocomial MRSA infection. What is meant are hospital-acquired infections due to the exposition to equipment and processes for medical treatment. The European commission estimates 4.1 million patients to become infected during hospitalization in the EU every year, which relates to one in 20 hospital admissions, considering 81 million hospital admissions per year …